Selena Gomez Punched Picture / Photos

selena gomez punched or selena gomez gets punched in the face when se come to justin bieber 17th birth day party, and if you want to see the picture or photos of selena gomez gets punched here is I posted to you

This accident happed in aggiano’s Restaurant, and who is punched selena Gomez, if I read a news the suspect is justin bieber fans

If I read from the another website news the incident Selena Gomez gets punched starts when selena and justin leaving Maggiano’s Restaurant. This couple got hounded by paparazzi and got a little angry, Justin even flipped the paps, and Selena got punched in the face, and the suspect whos punched selena gomes face is one of Justin bieber fans

And here is the selena gomes punched picture
Selena Gomez Punched